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For years, if you wanted to promote your business, you took out an ad in a magazine, or TV and radio if you had the big bucks. Now, that’s all changed. Social media channels have taken audiences away from those traditional channels, and it’s completely changed the way we need to operate to sell to them.

Ads used to be unavoidable – if you watched terrestrial TV, ads were simply part of the deal. They were disruptive to your experience, but there wasn’t much you could do to get away from them. Consumers didn’t like them, but that was the trade, because where else would they get their evening’s entertainment from? Now, however, thanks to the fundamental shift in communication bought about by social media, consumers have more power than ever. They have billions of hours of content available at their fingertips, and ads can be easily ignored, skipped past or blocked. If you want your business to succeed in getting your message to your audience, you need to earn their attention rather than buy it. And that’s what we do.

Social Media and Content Marketing are the two elements of any marketing effort that are vital if you want to talk to audiences in 2018. Social Media is about understanding consumer habits and attitudes online, knowing the rules and techniques for distributing messages and executing on campaigns. It’s how to sidestep Facebook’s algorithms and how to reach the people you need to.

Content Marketing is about developing the message you give to them through those social channels. There’s no point in being a Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter expert if you then target your audience with a message that just screams ‘buy my product!’. That doesn’t earn their attention or trust, and they will soon block you, skip past you, or learn to ignore you. Content Marketing works when you’re clever, and you start to think of your relationship with consumers as an investment, thinking more about what they want from you, rather than what you want from them. Tell them stories that will entertain, inform or educate them, but allow them to connect the dots that position your business as the most informed, valuable and trustworthy player in your sector. Content Marketing is simply creating brilliant content (videos, blogs etc) that gives your audience a reason to want to get to know you better, to hear from you and to continue a relationship with you online.

We work with an incredibly talented group of content producers, designers and tech experts to offer comprehensive social media and content marketing solutions, from Facebook community management retainers, right through to content led company re-brands. Get in touch today to have a free chat about what might work for you and your business.

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