A brand is the personality of a business. The construction of a brand doesn't happen by accident. Each element of your business says something about who you are, and consumers pick up on these signals. From your visual identity, to tone of voice and positioning, we will work with you to ensure that your audience sees you as the right fit for them, aligning with their values and ideologies.

Take car manufacturers as a great example. Ask any non-enthusiast which they would choose from Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Most people will have an instant affinity for one more than the other two, in spite of not perhaps knowing quite why. They probably wouldn't be able to say that one brand offers better fuel economy, larger boot space or superior crash protection, more likely they simply like that brand more than the others. That's the simple objective of good branding; to get consumers to like you. If they like you, then the next time they intend to make a purchase, you're far more likely to be considered. Branding is part of the sales funnel well before the benefit of SEO, pricing strategy or other marketing techniques.

We offer a flexible approach to brand development. From one off consultations right through to full re-brand projects, we know exactly what it takes to ensure consumers identify with you as 'their type of business'.

As much as you want to buy a car that's right for you, you wouldn't buy a car you don't like.

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