Social channels are easy to use and accessible to companies of all shapes and sizes. However there's an enormous difference between using them, and using them well.

Your audience has power on social media, they can choose to follow you or not, and algorithms mean that even if they do follow you, they probably won't ever see your posts unless they're regularly engaging with your content. The easiest way around this is to pay to advertise on these channels, and in some instances, that's the right thing to do. However, if you want to develop a genuine relationship with your target market, invest in creating compelling pieces of content (videos, pictures, memes and even games) that earn you a place on their timeline, rather than forcing your way in with advertising - which they won't appreciate.

We will work closely with you to identify your audience online, understand what makes them tick, and then create and serve them with content that they relate to. If you can earn their trust and hold their attention, you have the ability to position yourself as the natural choice for them, showing you have their best interests at heart, and understand their struggles and wants.

Get in touch with us today to chat about the full range of social media services we offer, from simple community management right through to large scale campaign planning and activations.

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